Give these little doggies their time to shine

Somewhere within the next few weeks or so, Hays CISD leaders are going to have the tough decision of selecting a new mascot and colors for Moe and Gene Johnson High.

The process, which has already gone through a name submission phase and is now going through a student and parent vote, aims to give the public input on what will inevitably go on cheapo T-shirts sold at Wal-Mart in the new few years. 

My money was on the Jackalopes because why not? The creature is akin to the Chupacabra, albeit with much less blood sucking and more fuzzy ears, imposing antlers and cuteness.   

Sadly, the Johnson Jackalopes didn’t make the cut. Neither did the Jackals, Jeeps and, thankfully, Jackasses. Though I’m sure there were a few of those who submitted the latter mascot idea in.

One possible option still on the table is the Broncos, which makes some sense given Johnson’s likely feeder schools – Carpenter Hill and Dahlstrom – both have equine nicknames.

What matters most, however, is the dark blue and orange color scheme akin to what the Denver Broncos have.

Turn the blue a shade lighter and the orange more of the Tennessee variety and then we’ll talk.

It’s also easy to see how the Jaguar mascot fits as well. It’s alliterative and imposing.

But with so many teams with the Jaguar name (Austin LBJ, San Antonio Johnson), it just doesn’t seem original or unique.

The same goes for the Cardinals (Del Valle, San Antonio Southside), though the background behind the submission, which extends to Gene Johnson’s fondness for them, does offer a nice, local touch.

Sadly, the Nighthawks name seems just too corporate for my tastes.

No, the real winner here is the Dachshunds.

Before the scoffing starts, know that the diminutive dachshund is one of the more unique animals out there.

Don’t let those floppy ears, short legs and long bodies fool you. Behind that goofy exterior is a fearless creature that doesn’t back down from a fight.

Are they fearless to a fault? Yes. Are they at times annoying? Debatable.

But would it mean the school could have one of the more unique mascot names in the country? Absolutely.

In fact, a quick search on the ol’ Google-matron shows only one school, Frankfort High in Indiana, as having the dachshund as a mascot. Though, the technical nickname for Frankfort High is the Hot Dogs. But that kind of counts, right?

Perhaps what makes the dachshund name more meaningful is its symbolic association with the city the school will serve. Thousands of people pack into downtown Buda for the annual Wiener Dog Races.

While there’s always the concern of being called the Johnson Wieners, I feel it’s a risk worth taking.

After all, every dog has its day, so why not the dachshund?

Let’s give these little doggies their time to shine.

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