Local entities release 2017 racial profiling audit

Of the more than 3,500 traffic stops conducted in Kyle last year, roughly 531 of those involved a search of some kind, according to statistics provided by Kyle Police in February.

The statistics are part of a requirement from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) for law enforcement agencies to collect and report incident data. Information that is collected is the number of traffic stops conducted during the previous year, as well as how many citations were issued and the race of the person who was stopped by an officer.

Bo Kidd, Buda Police Chief, and Jeff Barnett, Kyle Police Chief, said the statistics followed similar trends that have taken place over the past few years.

In 2017, 257 of the 3,528 traffic stops in Kyle had an arrest only. Only 16 of the 1,439 traffic stops in Buda ended with an arrest.

A combined total of 5,132 citations were written by the Buda and Kyle police departments in 2017, according to racial profiling data.

Kyle wrote the most tickets with 3,113, while Buda had 2,013 violations last year.

City of Buda

Total Number of Citations 1,439

Caucasian 845

African American 82

Hispanic 487

Asian 12

Native American 0

Middle Eastern 7

Other/Unknown 6

Searches Conducted 72

Searches Consented To 3

City of Kyle

Total Number of Stops 3,528

Caucasian 1,968

African American 278

Hispanic 1,212

Asian 0

Native American 15

Middle Eastern 20

Other/Unknown 35

Citation Only 3,113

Arrest Only 257

Searches Conducted 531

Searches Consented To 42

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