No threats found in suspicious package calls in Buda, Kyle

A state of high alert stemming from the actions of a serial bomber in Austin has led to several suspicious package calls in the Buda and Kyle area.

While none of the calls were deemed to be of any threat, local authorities continue to urge vigilance for residents when it comes to receiving packages on their doorstep.

Jeff Barnett, Kyle Police Chief, said the department has received roughly a dozen calls relating to suspicious packages over the past week. None of the packages were found to be a threat, Barnett said.

Meanwhile, Buda Police fielded five calls over the weekend for suspicious packages, said Brittany Tate, Buda Police Department Public Information Officer.

None of the five calls were threatening and all of them were shipped through regular mail, Tate said. In one instance, a call came from a person who did not recognize the sender of a package that contained a gift from a friend.

“It’s people being overly cautious, I think,” Tate said. “It’s definitely got everyone on high alert.”

But the mantra of “see something, say something” still applies, especially after a fourth bombing occurred Sunday in Austin, Barnett said.

According to multiple reports, two men were injured after an explosive device went off in a neighborhood in Southwest Austin. The incident marks the fourth bombing that’s taken place in Austin in the last two weeks, and the first to have happened west of Interstate 35.

The previous three bombings in Austin took place in east Austin and involved an explosive device in unmarked packages. Two people have been killed, including an Austin teen, and several people have been injured as a result of the bombings, which police believe are related, according to multiple reports.

“This is a time when we need everyone to be vigilant for each other and watch out and be aware of what’s going on in your community,” Barnett said.

He added residents should pay attention to packages they receive. Additionally, Barnett said residents should notify law enforcement immediately if they see an unmarked package, and should avoid picking up any unmarked packages.

“It’s created more awareness for something that we have taken for granted,” Tate said. “It never hurts to be more vigilant and cautious on the items you’re receiving.”

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