DSEF awards student leadership grants

A total of 25 student-driven projects were funded through the Dripping Springs Education Foundation’s annual Student Leadership Grant program. Student Leadership Grants are designed to foster the development of students’ leadership skills through their efforts to serve their school, community, or others in the world. Students, together with their faculty sponsors, apply for the grants during the fall semester.

A total of $27,630 was awarded. This year’s winners, along with the projects they will implement, are:

Dripping Springs Elementary

“Game Nation”
Faculty Sponsor: Kari Potter
Student Leaders: Kyle Wigfield, Nixon Badilla, Anthony Keithly, Jax Leatherwood, Grover Bendall, Gram Bendall, Maverick Jacobs, Brady Donahue

“Producing Privacy”
Faculty Sponsor: Kari Potter
Student Leaders: Everett Kling, Sloan Rodriguez, Bo Morton, Nicholas Dudek, Stephen Bohnenkamp

“Science Seekers”
Faculty Sponsor: Kari Potter & Vicki King
Student Leaders: Carina King, Evan Bergeron

“The Garden Center”
Faculty Sponsor: Melanie Hernandez
Student Leader: Katerina Thomas

“The Sunshine Society”
Faculty Sponsor: Kari Potter
Student Leaders: Gabrielle Faivre, Mackenzie Sullivan, Dane Mason

Rooster Springs Elementary

“Rooster Writers”
Faculty Sponsor: Kristen Northrup
Student Leaders: Isla Conreaux, Taylor Temple

Sycamore Springs


“Grant For Plant”
Faculty Sponsor: Kelly Garner
Student Leaders: Addison Murray, Molly Blackmon

“ROAR – Researching Outdoor Animals Responsibly”
Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Stoll
Student Leaders: Addison Everline, Sophia Cipriano, Leah Minton, Katy Sonnier, Ashton Shipman, Giana Aluia, Stephanie Gearing

“Protect Our Trail”
Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Stoll
Student Leaders: Trenton Trotter, Nolan Rojas, Will Gardiner, Ryan Shinn, Roman Pavlyk, Elandri Botha, Jackson Fowlkes

“News On The SSE Block”
Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Stoll
Student Leaders: Evan Murphy, Glenn Banton, RJ Jones, Charlie Windsor, Matthew Johnson, Gavin Scott, Isabella Verhulst

“Raised Garden at SSES”
Faculty Sponsor: Kim Bird
Student Leaders: Annalisa McComas, Alyssa Lantz, Katrin Smith

“Eggspert Learning”
Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Chew
Student Leaders: Tana Steinbach, Ella Constable, Elizabeth Gardner, Kylie May, Paige Harris, Ryleigh Neff, Lily Patterson, Colton Papp

“School Maker Faire”
Faculty Sponsor: Kelly Garner
Student Leaders: Crispin Lovelace, Fletcher Lovelace, Vivian Sommer

“Project Hydration”
Faculty Sponsor: Kelly Garner
Student Leaders: Vivian Sommer, Stephanie Gearing 

“Building a Community of Readers”
Faculty Sponsor: Brandis Smoland
Student Leaders: Mia Wilson, Harper Whitenight, Abigail Stanaland, Soleil Bryant 

“Care Kits”
Faculty Sponsor: Laura Roye
Student Leaders: Becca Clement, Kaylee Cluver, Trudy Lagarde, Bliss Mohon 


Walnut Springs Elementary

“Software Team”
Faculty Sponsor: Kari Potter
Student Leaders: Jacob Farley, James Engel, Brayden Herrick, Grant Gillam, Gram Bale, Max Osterhues, Caleb Nelson

“Collaborative Classroom Companions”
Faculty Sponsor: Denise Thomas
Student Leaders: Bryce Rodrigue, Brandon Froidcoeur 

“Kemistry Kids”
Faculty Sponsor: Kari Potter, Kristi Fout
Student Leaders: Jack Kroll, John Preston, Lebas Ellington, Jayson Ellington

Dripping Springs

Middle School

“Handicap Accessible Garden”
Faculty Sponsor: Catherine O’Grady
Student Leaders: Gracie Kirk, Charlotte Evans Mariana Cruz

Sycamore Springs

Middle School

“SSMS Recycling/Ecology Club”
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Hubley
Student Leaders: Hailey Jarvis, Zoi Gilchrist, Sophie Caillabet, Jackson Rawls

Dripping Springs High School

“Encouraging Reading in Children Library”
Faculty Sponsor: Emily Groce
Student Leaders: Riley Ruchti, Liliana Reyes

“Computer-Aided Manufacture Technologies”
Faculty Sponsor: Jad Jadeja
Student Leaders: Bryce Fitzpatrick, Jason Fitzpatrick, Cole Scott 

“Foster Village Team Bags”
Faculty Sponsor: Sara Freeman
Student Leaders: Caitlyn Brack, Kiaya Brack, Korena Brack (DSMS), Hannah Brack (DSE) 

“Lend A Hand”
Faculty Sponsor: Jad Jadeja
Student Leaders: Gabrielle Avena, Sierra Stevens, Melissa Richardson, Alissa Ordway, Anya Thomas, Natalie Chavez

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