Easter Bunny coming to Mountain City

Whiff. Whiff.

Go ahead, take a good whiff of the abundant and glorious blossoms that are everywhere you look.  (Check first for bumblebees.)

Agarita (ahhhh-garita) yellow blossoms were among the first to break out. Still, they’re easy to spot. And, their sweet fragrance will not disappoint.  It’s a drought-resistant native plant I highly recommend.

The purple flowers of dark-green leafed Mountain laurel smell like grape Kool-Aid.  Ditto on drought-resistant native.

Cascading lavender wisteria blossoms in our front yard pay quite a tribute to the wife of Don Tokar, from whom we brought our house in the mid-90s.  He planted a small wisteria as a memorial. Each year, it’s more vibrant. 

Coral honeysuckle blooms do not have a fragrance, but they do provide nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds.  Over 15 years ago, we transplanted some vines at the base of a tree out front. We’ve tended to the honeysuckle through the years. It is just this year that the vines reached the sunshine. The coral honeysuckle exploded with vivid blooms.

Hummingbirds returned to Mountain City last week. James and Dianne Polk saw two hummers on March 12. 

Fill hummer feeders with a solution of one part sugar dissolved in four parts warm water. Experts now say there’s no need to boil the syrup. The important step is keeping the feeders clean, switching out the solution before it goes rancid or grows mold.

The Polks had a full clutch of beautiful blue Eastern Bluebird eggs early last week.  The mama bluebird in my yard laid her last egg on Saturday.

Loving Mountain City’s Easter Egg Hunt needs individually wrapped candies. Drop them at 201 Live Oak Drive.

The Easter Egg Hunt takes place at the City Hall Field on Saturday, March 31, 10am.

KissMe, our Great White Hunter with Red Spots, found quite the prize one night recently. We heard his hunting barks, and by the time RonTom got outside with a flashlight, KissMe had snagged an opossum about his size, vehemently shaking the critter. KissMe only let go when RonTom shot a stream of water from the water hose onto the limp possum. When I grabbed KissMe, the possum scurried up the tree.

All this, KissMe did without hurting his back. But, a week later, with no known hunting activity, it seems KissMe has another ruptured disc. His back legs temporarily gave out.  For KissMe, it’s ten days of meds and three weeks of confinement.

While walking KissMe this past week we got the scoop on Roland Garza’s huge new 322 address sign, the talk of the town. Roland designed and created the artsy sign himself. It was needed because their mailbox is beside their driveway on Ash Drive, so it was difficult for folks to find their Live Oak Drive house.  

Twenty-one years ago, March 20, 1997, Montage was born. Back then, this newspaper had columns for Buda, Kyle, Niederwald, and (I think) Uhland.   

What’s the scoop over your way? Please send tidbits to ptom5678@gmail.com (subject: tidbit) or 512-268-5678.  Thanks!  Love to you, Pauline

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