Two DSHS teams compete at state CX debate tourney

Two policy debate teams from Dripping Springs High School compete March 16-17 at the UIL State Meet for CX Debate. The team of Christopher Gearing and Varun Verma reached the quarterfinals, which means the pair was one of the top eight teams in the 5A division. In addition, the team of Christian Pundt and Mason Mohon made the top 16 by advancing to octafinals.

This year’s CX Debate topic was Resolved: the United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States. The affirmative team researched and prepared a case defending a policy to support the resolution. Teams debated about policies like equalizing funding for schools, improving school infrastructure, increasing funding for STEM education, and regulating school discipline procedures. The negative team is responsible for identifying the flaws or disadvantages of implementing the affirmative policy.

There were approximately 60 teams in the 5A division representing the 32 UIL districts across Texas. UIL CX State has four preliminary rounds on Day 1. The top 16 teams based on record and speaker points make it to Day 2. Both DSHS teams had a 3-1 prelim record. The advancing teams compete on Day 2 in a single-elimination format until only one team remains. Lindale High School repeated as 5A champions this year.

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