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Have we ever before had such lovely weather for Easter weekend?

Rain gauges overflowed earlier in the week, clearing the pollen and greening the city.

James and Dianne Polk recorded 5.8 inches of rain. 

RonTom filled our thistle feeders and socks when we restocked our supply of Wagner’s, after learning a new shopping trick. It looked like the local hardware store was out of stock. Ron went twice before I checked online and saw 7 bags. Assuming a restock, we rushed over with my sister, only to find a still empty shelf space. After summoning two managers, store personnel found the hidden Wagner’s thistle on a top shelf in the paint section. It never hurts to ask.

My little sister, staying with us for her heart ablation that came with complications, posted on FaceBook when she returned home on Thursday with her bag of Wagner’s. “If anyone wants to feed finches, they eat thistle seed. You need a thistle feeder or a thistle sock. Not any thistle, only Wagner brand. I have had pounds of thistle not get eaten and have thrown out, and it’s not cheap. Have goldfinches on the feeder immediately after changing out.”

One morning during Marsha’s visit, a wild turkey wandered in the Burrich’s front yard. Another day, we watched a red-tail hawk in Lynn Cobb’s backyard. (It appears there’s a nest there.) And, Roland Garza stopped me with word a roadrunner has been sitting in a tree on his side yard, on Ash. Entertainment, Mountain City-style.

On Friday, as the beautiful long weekend began, a ruby-throated hummingbird sentry’d just outside our breakfast window. His gorget shimmers like diamonds.

Saturday’s Loving Mountain City Egg Hunt, led by Tiffany Curnutt, rolled off smoothly after tons of preparation and immense help from neighbors who contributed candy and prizes. Beth and Everett Smith furnished the 3 grand prize baskets.

In our quiet yard, Easter eggcitement took place, as expected. On the 16th day of incubation, the blue eggs in our bluebird nestbox hatched.

Laughter and squeals of excitement sprinkled our little city Sunday as families and friends gathered on large lawns for lunches and egg hunts.

The Porterfields graciously invited us to the gathering at their house on Maple. There, we were asked if anyone ever sells a house in this hidden little slice of paradise.

Newcomers find our city taxes low and our water cheap.

Some citizens saw an increase on their March water bill. The new meters more accurately measure water usage.

March water bills were emailed and mailed. Starting July, unless a resident opts out, the bills will be emailed to save the cost of the postcard, postage, and city staff time.

Hear more at the city council meeting on Monday, April 9th, 6 p.m. at city hall. During weekend, find the agenda on the message board and .

Tidbit: A clutch of wrens hatched Monday in the Polk’s front door wreath.

More tidbits needed. (subject: tidbit) or 512-268-5678. Thanks! Love to you, PTom.

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