Council reviews structural issues, drainage at historic Kyle city hall

Structural problems at historic Kyle City Hall is leading officials to eye an engineering assessment they believe could pinpoint issues.

The issue arose at the March 24 preliminary budget meeting for the 2018 fiscal year where staff budgeted $50,000 for an engineering assessment of the building.

The roof on the northeast side of the building is experiencing issues with water drain off, said Kim Hilsenbeck, Kyle communications specialist.

City Engineer Leon Barba received an estimate from the architect to come to Kyle and assess what improvements needs to be made, she said.

However, staff at the budget meeting discussed the implications of a potential caved-in area on the roof that needed to be assessed.

Upon the city’s initial review of the building, staff deemed the structure to be safe for use, but a study needed to be conducted in the near future.

“I am extremely worried about the condition of the current building,” said Councilmember Daphne Tenorio. “The chimney seems to be barely hanging on, and that brings questions in my head about the potential liability.”

Tenorio said the building’s condition is even more concerning since it is used for senior citizens and family events and would like the city to be proactive with public safety.

“With Market Days on the square, we want to make sure our citizens are safe,” Tenorio said. “I look forward to the assessment and I hope we can get any issues resolved.”

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