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I’m writing to address the stray cat issue in Mountain City and to offer some useful information. Cats have been roaming in Mountain City long before we moved in.  I have no idea where they have come from and who actually owns them.  Our own pets never go outside and are spayed and neutered. My husband and I have personally taken it upon ourselves to spay and neuter 6 strays and find them homes.  A 7th cat was caught by me and rushed to emergency for a leg amputation due to a severely broken leg. The cost to us was $1200.00. The Director of Paws Shelter personally fostered her during recovery and then she was adopted out.  Thank you to Andrew for caring!

We have been pro-active in our endeavors to help solve the population of strays and will continue to do so.  We don’t believe in complaining about the problem, we believe in doing something about it. Trapping cats in humane traps only becomes inhumane if left inside a trap for days only to suffer due to improper supervision. According to San Marcos Animal Shelter, traps should be checked three times per day.

Please keep in mind that spay and neuter vouchers can be obtained through Prevent A Litter (PALS), and low cost spay and neutering is offered through Emancipet, 512-587-7729.  Emancipet has several mobile units that travel to our surrounding towns as well as their stationary hospitals in Austin.  If you are a cat owner whose cat is not fixed and allowed to go outside, you are creating a huge problem.  Please be pro-active and please spay and neuter your pets.

Janice Amdur-Sheldon

Mountain City, Texas

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