Hulon continues to strive for success

Softball never stops for Dripping Springs Tigers junior pitcher Logan Hulon.

Hulon, who finished with more than 250 strikeouts this season, was not the athletic type growing up. It was her father who introduced the sport to her when she was about 5 years old.

“I was extremely uncoordinated and an un-athletic child growing up until my dad, who pitched in college, thought to give softball a try,” Hulon said. “I threw it pretty well, and since then it just kind of stuck with me.”

Wanting to be just like her father, Hulon stuck with the sport and found her passion for pitching.

Dripping Springs took second place behind Lockhart with a 12-2 district record in 2018. Heading to playoffs and finishing on top was the goal, and with being part of a close-knit team, anything was possible.

Hulon said her team is extremely close and because of that, they had a successful season. She credits every win to her team and they push her to get better each day.

“I think that they remind me to always stay positive and to always look on the bright side of things,” Hulon said.

Besides helping on defense, Hulon really wanted to help her team offensively this season as well. She had a goal set for herself at the beginning of the season, and tried to execute as best as she could.

“I really wanted to improve my batting average from my past two years for sure. I really didn’t have a specific pitching goal this year,” Hulon said. “I just wanted to improve on my movement and speed from last year.”

Aspirations for a career in the college ranks could be a reality for Hulon, who has already committed to the University of Houston. It was a tough decision, but she believes she made the right choice.

“It was honestly a little tough deciding I’m not going to lie, but it really boiled down to being closer to home, but have a sense of being on my own,” Hulon said. “I also really loved the coaches at UH and their desire to win and their continuous strive for success.”

Photo by Wayland Clark

Before Hulon makes her move to Houston, she still has one more season left as a Tiger. Hulon has a lot in store for next season.

“I am extremely excited for my senior year, I’ll be working super hard for it to be my best year yet,” Hulon said. “I will be improving my spins, velocity and accuracy. I will also be working on improving my hitting so I can help my team out offensively as well as defensively.”

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