Education foundation’s Prize Patrol awards nearly $106K in grants

The Dripping Spring Education Foundation “Prize Patrol” surprised teachers around the campus to present Innovative Teaching Grants for 2017-18. Nearly $106,000 funding 26 separate grants was awarded May 18 and 21, 2018. These grants fund innovative and creative educational approaches designed to enhance the classroom learning experience.

“Learning Among the Stars” for $47,622 was submitted by Lindsey Herring of DSE but will benefit all schools (DSE, DSMS, SSMS, DSHS,  RSE, WSE, SSE)

Two grants “Companion Pet” for $113 and “Dino-Lite Discoveries” for $1,104 submitted by Kathy Cummings, Rooster Springs Elementary

“EXCELL Exploration Experiences” grant for $5,000 submitted by Adrienne Jones, Dripping Springs HS

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