Restrain your animals

Mountain City’s 1st Saturday in June Annual Yard Sale Day registered “hot.” Red hot buys and red hot temperatures.

Down near the end of Live Oak Drive, the $100 from our yard sale went into our “Kulea Mission Trip to Tanzania” fund. Kulea Childcare Villages is a faith based charity dedicated to rescuing and raising orphans and vulnerable children in East Africa. Our trip is in October. Take a look at our fundraising page:

A sound RonTom heard recently perked up his ears, especially since it was the 3rd anniversary since the Memorial Day weekend when a rattlesnake bit KissMe’s face. He heard rattling and watched a cardinal dipping to the grass, over and over. What a surprise for RonTom when the cardinal flew off with a cicada.

Brent Meador stopped to tell me that a couple weeks ago he spotted what appeared to be a large, long, dark-from-rain feline that had just crossed 2770 down near the “Old Mountain City” office building. Its movements were cat-like. He wondered if it could be a mountain lion.

Bode Wells brought by a baby Northern Mockingbird. I explained to him and Britt that mockingbirds leave the nest before they can fly. Their parents tend to them as they hop on the ground. He took the baby back to where he found it. That’s the thing to do.

Three owlets fledged from Laura Craig’s OwlShack. She posted their photo on the Birds of Texas Facebook with, “I love that a group of owls is called a parliament. Here’s my first parliament; 3 owlets and mama. I’m so enjoyed watching them.”

Billie Stowe on Poplar sent some tidbits on May 24.

“This morning was Cardinal day, 15 in the yard at the same time. Looked like daddies and teenagers and babies still doing the baby dance to be fed.

Also our mocking bird is singing away at 1 am. At first I thought it was on tv. We have a big yard light so I guess he does not know it’s night time.”

She’s thinking twice about going out at night, with rumors of a mountain lion.

Billie added a PS: “Vicki, keep the road runner. Although I enjoy seeing him when he is here, he eats the lizards I enjoy so much.”

A fluffy gray and white cat snared a Painted Bunting from our Big Boulder Bird Bath. RonTom set our humane live trap and sent word through that captured cats will be released to their owner (some around here have no owner) if claimed quickly upon assurance that the cat will be fitted with a breakway collar with a bell or “BirdsBeSafe” collar. On Day Two, he’s calling Animal Control.

Within the January 2017 amendment to the Hays County Animal Ordinance, any animal that is repeatedly at large is a public nuisance. And, animals must be under restraint.


Any tidbit is a pleasant delight. Email to (subject: tidbit) or call 512-268-5678. Thanks! Love to you, Pauline

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