Buda City Hall to open for business by end of July, Library set for August

After several delays, Buda’s city hall and library will be making the big move to the new Municipal Building starting at the end of July.

The move was originally scheduled for the end of May, but delays in ordering and delivery of furniture pushed the move back by a couple of months.

Micah Grau, assistant city manager of Buda, said the delays are not significant, but have taken longer than they should have.

“Most of the furniture is actually going in right now and would be ready for us to move in sooner, but it’s just some critical pieces, like the library circulation desk and another greeting desk, are what is pushing back the deadline,” Grau said.

According to Grau, the construction of custom-made pieces, such as the library circulation desk, led to the most hold-ups.

City staff is currently in the process of packing and cleaning offices and some furniture is already being delivered to the new building. Movers will begin to move items over to the municipal complex on July 18.

City hall, the annex building and the library will all be closed to the public on July 19 and 20 for moving.

The city hall is expected to be open for business by July 23 and the library is expected to open a little later on Aug. 6.

Because of the library’s large inventory it will take about an extra week to be ready for the public. Library staff will be organizing and stacking about 16,000 books, audiobooks, and DVDs on the new shelves.

A tentative grand opening ceremony in which citizens can view and tour the new building is scheduled for sometime in the second week of August.

Any leftover furniture, that has not been claimed by other city departments, will either be auctioned off or will be sold online.

“A lot of the current furniture that’s in city hall right now has been there since city hall was built. We’re going to re-use a lot of it as well, like the filing cabinets are going with us, but some of the modular furniture that we had in 100 Houston Street we’re not planning on taking with us,” Grau said.

Grau said the furniture is in good condition and can be auctioned off, but it does not match the other furniture going into the Municipal Building.

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