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Project Ace to bring new volleyball complex to Buda

Project Ace will serve up a new volleyball-centered sports complex in Buda to open next year.

The 30,000-square-foot indoor multi-use complex, along with a connected retail center, will be located on Main Street and Camp Del Sur on the east side of Interstate 35.

The complex is primarily for volleyball, but other sports, including basketball, will be offered as well.

The whole complex, which will be called Sunfield Station, will be around 60,000 square feet with the retail center. The retail center is expected to host several sports-related businesses including a fitness center, sporting equipment store, yoga center, physical therapy and other sports-related medical offices, according to a press release.

“The project is the brainchild of a couple of Buda area businessmen. The focus is primarily volleyball because their children are involved in the sport,” Ann Miller, executive director for the Buda Economic Development Corporation, said in an email.

Miller said these businessmen travelled to different communities so much for volleyball tournaments that they “wanted to develop a facility to allow the local teams to practice and host tournaments.”

She added, “They want to stop spending their money in other communities and start importing new money in our local community.”

The Buda EDC started meeting with the owner of the center, WAMSFTX LLC, in 2015 and it took a few years to develop a business plan, acquire financing, and look for a building site in Buda. 

Buda city council authorized a performance agreement between the Buda EDC and the WAMSFTX LLC on June 19.

The Buda EDC is providing up to $30,000 in incentives that will reimburse WAMSFTX LCC for permit fees associated with the construction of the project.

The project estimates that each tournament will bring up to 1,500 visitors to Buda and eventually the facility could see up to 40,000 annual visitors.

“They will start off hosting several tournaments and grow the number over the next few years based on demand. I would expect visitor counts to grow to around 40,000 in about 5 years from opening,” Miller said.

When asked if the facility was seen as a need in Buda, Miller responded, “The company has done their due diligence and determined there is a market in our community. Currently the only similar facilities in the Austin area are located either up north (cedar park/round rock area) and Bee Cave. I know that the Texas Shock will call this facility home for training, camps, etc.”

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