Have we been sold out?

Much like a malcontent toddler, our President Donald Trump apparently needs eyes on him at all times.

That seemed to be the message earlier this month when our Commander in Chief decided the need to placate autocratic Russian president Vladimir Putin following a one-on-one meeting in Finland.

His decision to side with Putin has further divided this country, with both Republicans and Democrats splitting between those thinking the move to talk with another leader is good, while others find his actions treasonous.

The division is nationwide, and reaches into our own Hays County. One of the three congressmen representing our county, Rep. Lloyd Doggett, seemed to hint that Trump is appeasing Russia, saying that he was worried about “unknown appeasement in private.”

However local residents and officials may feel about the private meeting between Trump and Putin, it is well documented by various media outlets how our President took Putin’s word when it came to his country’s alleged meddling in our elections process, even as our own intelligence community said otherwise.

And, as to be expected in these strange times, we the people became front and center to the circus that was our President’s attempt to backtrack out of the mess he chose to make.

But shouldn’t we expect better from our superiors? The answer is yes, we should, especially from what some believe is the highest office in the land, if not the globe.

Sadly, our President chose to put himself above our country, in the hopes of appeasing a tyrannical world leader whose (alleged) actions border on the verge of terrorism.

Make no mistake, Vlaidimir Putin is our country’s next greatest threat. His history of censorship and brutality in Russia greatly endangers the peace, democracy and free speech we enjoy in the western world.

The investigation is still ongoing, but all signs point to Russia playing a significant role in impacting the outcome of the 2016 election. Multiple indictments have come and names have been released regarding those who sought to interfere with our democratic system.

However, our President essentially sat in Putin’s lap like an obedient lap dog, unwilling to hold him accountable for his actions.

Our President’s shortcomings led to outcry from some in his own party, who equally saw his attendance at the summit, and his inability to call out a world leader for what he is, as a critical misstep.

What’s baffling, however, is how many people support our President and his actions toward Moscow. Some even go as far as to believe our President’s claim that we should be doing more to bridge a line of communication between the two nations.

Many believe our President is boldly waving the Stars and Stripes like no one has before.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We cannot allow ourselves to fall in line with a egomaniacal despot as Putin. He must be confronted at all costs.

However, it’s becoming increasingly obvious this President is incapable of doing that. It’s obvious this man-child does not have our nation’s best interests at heart. He’s looking out for himself, based on some sort of mysterious reason.

This President is starting to tear apart this country at the seams, in a way no leader has in recent memory. He has sold us out.

That’s why we the people should take a closer look at that banner our President is waving.

It’s got red, white and blue alright, but there sure aren’t 50 stars or 13 stripes to be found.


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