Thankful for our workers

With temperatures hitting 109 degrees this week locally, it is easy to sit inside in an air conditioned office and wish for cooler weather.

But drive around in the heat and notice the many workers outdoors who are doing the hard work.

Think about all the air conditioning units that have gone on the fritz. Think about that AC worker climbing into an attic, where temperatures can reach well above 150 degrees in this kind of heat wave.

Watch the people pouring asphalt on Kohler’s Crossing and on FM 1626. It’s so hot that you don’t even see the steam rising. However, you know that heat coming off liquified asphalt is horrendous.

Parks employees continue to mow the grass, weedeat around the beds, clean up trash.

None of this is easy work. And all of it is being done during the hottest year in recent history.

Many times we hear people commenting that “all those people do is stand around.”

Well, thank goodness they do take a break.

Look at gardeners, PEC linemen, roadworkers, parks and recreation employees, construction employees, roofers and all the other outdoor workers. They continue to do their work, despite the heat.

They are all outside in huge hats, long sleeved shirts, long pants, heavy workboots.

We applaud all of those workers for making our lives a little easier.

Take a break, drink a lot of water, stop in the shade occasionally, and know that some of us truly appreciate what you do.

Thank you.


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