Hays CISD to spend $100K for future asbestos removal

At a cost of just over $100,000, Hays CISD officials are budgeting monies slated toward possible future mold and asbestos remediation.

The amount, which was given the green light by a unanimous Hays CISD Board of Trustees vote July 17, is a “placeholder” of sorts within the district’s budget, said Max Cleaver, Hays CISD chief operation officer (COO).

“We would like to respond quickly and that gives us the spending authority to use that amount, if needed,” Cleaver said.

Currently, Hays CISD campuses do not have issues with friable, or crumbled, asbestos, said Cleaver.

Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral, has been historically manufactured and used as a insulation material in structures and buildings. However, health risks associated with the substance, including mesothelioma, has led to the removal of the material in recent years.

Cleaver said most of the existing asbestos in the district extends to floor tiles and carpeting. Monies set aside for mold and asbestos remediation would allow the district to “move quickly on that” and avoid a lengthy procurement process.

Additionally, Hays CISD is also working to remodel flooring at a handful of campuses, which were all part of Proposition 2 of the district’s $250 million bond.

One major project involves replacing flooring at Hays High’s cafeteria, which will total $106,839. That includes replacing outdated floor tiles with a polished concrete floor, which is now the district standard, Cleaver said.

It will also remove glue that contains asbestos from flooring in areas that were originally installed when the campus opened in 1968, Cleaver said.

Other flooring projects, which do not include asbestos abatement, will be made at Kyle and Fuentes elementaries, as well as replacing carpeting at the Kyle Elementary, Wallace and Dahlstrom middle school libraries.

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