Mountain City council seats open

Filing Period for City Office is July 21 through Aug. 20 for the positions of Alderman (2 seats) and for Mayor for the November 2018 election.

File for office by obtaining and processing an application from City Secretary, Ellis Craig, .  His phone number and address appear in the new Loving Mountain City directory.

Why should any among us care? From this observer’s eyes, this coming year is the most crucial because the city has decided to create enforceable ordinances. The mayor reiterated in the last council meeting, the current ordinances (after all the hours and legal fees that went into them through the years) are not enforceable. The current council wants enforceable ordinances.

City council sets ordinances, not the citizens. So, the five aldermen (and the mayor, if there’s a tie vote) will determine what’s allowed and not allowed in Mountain City and the scope of penalties.

You’re remembering that there “are” multiple readings and city hearings before ordinances become final? That was then; this is now. In recent years, the City learned that rules that apply to a city our size do not require such process; and, that process was dropped.

Do you want to bring the process back? File for office.

Do you want to allow or disallow any detail regarding minimal square footage for new residences, storage of vehicles (including RVs), presence of junked vehicles, size of signs, or fireworks? File for office.

Do you have an opinion on whether the clearing of drainage swales and culverts on city easement is the responsibility of the owner or the city? File for office.

Should the city continue to be lightly lit at night by a yard light on each lawn? Should the city participate in Dark Skies? Should the city have street lights? File for office.

Can poultry be allowed or not allowed, and with some restrictions or no restrictions? What about rabbits, sheep, goats, horses, swine? File for office.

Can ATVs and golf carts be driven by children or teens without a driver’s license or is a license required? File for office.

Currently, any fence or structure requires a building permit. Do you have opinions on whether or not variances should be granted for building projects? File for office.

Used to be, with Mountain City Oaks Subdivision, permission was granted from Mr. Anderson for the removal of any significant tree. Does Mountain City need a tree ordinance? File for office.

Depending upon who is elected and how the balance changes this year (if any), Mountain City as we know it could change. Sidewalks could be added (that was the desire of some who ran in the past). Mountain City could use savings to pay off the purchase of City Hall. Mountain City could have no enforceable ordinances. Mountain City could give fines for mowing early in the morning or at night.

Citizens do not vote on each issue; rather, citizens vote on their elected officials. Usually Mountain City’s election is cancelled because of no contested positions.

What do you think? Opinions can be tidbits for Montage. Tidbits can be submitted to (subject: tidbit) or 512-268-5678. Thanks! Love to you, Pauline 

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