It’s ridiculous how this man (President Donald Trump) can get away with almost anything while the “Do Nothing Republicans” just sit idly by. First, his first wife’s parents came to America illegally (making Ivanka an anchor baby). Second, he brought his third wife to America illegally for which he should have been tried in a court of law for illegally transporting an illegal alien (making his youngest son an anchor baby). He rants and raves about Hispanics coming to this country illegally (this land was first settled by Hispanics) yet he knowingly breaks immigration laws himself and he says nothing.

Then, he broke law after law by not paying his contractors who built his buildings throughout the world (this is called breach of contract).  Then he exploited innocent students by taking their hard earned money and not giving them the education he promised them from his so called “Trump University”.

Then he aided and abetted our enemy Russia, by colluding with them to help him win the Presidency. He lies repeatedly day after day. Do you think he won’t lie in court to save his skin? He’s a pathological liar as we all know because we’ve heard the lies he keeps repeating on television (that’s why he hates “fake news”). 

Now he and (U.S. Attorney General Jeff) Sessions have abducted thousands and infants who came to America seeking asylum while he and Sessions and others have abused and endangered the lives of these innocent kids (these are crimes for which the regular Joe Blow can go to jail for) but for he and his administration, they are “above the law”.  He has refused to obey Court Orders (contempt of court), yet he and his Republican cronies seem indifferent to.

I can almost wager that if Special Counsel Mueller doesn’t find him guilty of collusion and obstruction of justice leading to his impeachment, that he will try to find a way to change the law of term limits to make himself “complete ruler” of America as long as he lives. Yet his fellow crony Republicans sit idly by.  Wonder how the electoral college voters feel now.  Is this a nightmare or what?

Ezekiel Enriquez Sr.

San Marcos

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