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That phone call from school

Since Hays CISD announced that students who misuse their cell phones while on campus will have to pay a penalty to get it back, the debate has raged on the Hays Free Press Facebook page and website.

Former HCISD students in years past had to pay a small penalty of $15 to $20 to get back their phones; the penalty now is $10, with parents getting a phone call about the confiscation of property.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of comments. Enjoy the read.

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Libby M Gimpel “Good! Students know the policy ahead of time. If there is an emergency situation, parents can always contact the school’s main office to reach their student. Cell phones didn’t always exist, and both students and parents seemed to reach each other just fine.”

Joel Martin “Yeah. I see a seizure issue here. Liability. I really hope they are careful. I’ll be pist to see my tax dollars defending against a law suit.”

Sylvia Orta-Cruz “We were told the kids would be given a warning. If they choose to not listen, their phone will be taken away. My kids already got a lecture about following the new rule, respecting the teachers and administrators. What the district, administration and teachers need is parent support.”

Luis Jimenez “Before this policy, this is how it was dealt with – student is using phone. Teacher asks student to put phone away. Student complies temporarely since in a few minutes later they are on their phone again. Teacher asks again. Student may comply, but they are back at it. This happens 3 or 4 times in a class period. Teacher contacts parents and parent reassures the teacher they will talk to their kid. Next day, student has their phone out. And history repeats itself. How would you address this? And, no, letting the kid fail is not an option.”

Tessa Samos “My child will always have her cell phone on her at all times. In this day and age they need them with all the wack a doodles out here.”

Sheryl Goza “School districts have been doing this for years. Nothing new. Follow the rules or there are consequences for your actions.”

Remy Fallon “This was the rule (+$5) when I was in school at HHS. Not sure when it went away but it wasn’t really a big deal back then, not sure why it’s becoming that way now. I personally let all of my daughter’s teachers know they have permission to take her phone if it disrupts her work because in middle school, they don’t have a rule like this but need it.”

Mike Gonzalez “WHAT ABOUT LATCHKEY KIDS? I appreciate the district’s effort in reducing distractions in the classroom. This benefits both the teacher and the student. My concern is that this punishment extends beyond the school day and the campus itself.”

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