Hays CISD behind the times

What is the problem with confiscating student cell phones? The school district I taught in was confiscating phones 15 years ago.

The students were warned the first day of school about this administrative policy.

I believe parents should be able to contact their child, however, and let’s be real – 99% of cell phone use in school is between friends all during instructional time. It is not the emergency call from parents.

Personally, as a teacher, and I taught for 28 years, I gave my students the school directive on cell phone use the first day of school. If I caught a student using a cell phone I just gave a verbal reprimand and asked them to put it away.

If it happened a second time during class, I confiscated the phone and kept it until class ended. Then I returned it to the student.

The third offense in my class is when I confiscated the phone and turned it over to the school business agency for processing. Really?

This is a student self discipline matter and should be enforced and not interfere nor distract from class instruction. I don’t believe student call phones should be completely confiscated but when a student persists in this behavior, then maybe this serves as a deterrent. If the school needs to invoice the parent(s) then let it be. After all, a dent in the pocketbook does get your attention.

Joel Mosier


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