Where ever your heart is, make it known and vote

Alert for Mountain City residents – our City Council’s proposed budget has cuts that could reduce funding of Loving Mountain City, Dumpster Days and Tree Limb Days.

The city’s proposed budget includes $25,000 for Emergency Services, a fee that the city must pay since we did not vote for Emergency Services District #5. The city knew this fee was coming. There’s no choice on that for the coming fiscal year.

The council meets to approve the proposed budget on Oct. 10, 6 p.m. at City Hall. The full agenda will be posted at least 72 hours before the meeting.

Each council meeting begins with citizen comments. Each resident has up to 3 minutes to address the council.

Portions of this “Montage” are taken from a Loving MountainCity Facebook post by former mayor Tiffany Curnutt. Her post is more than triple the words allotted for Montage, so I’ve snipped some highlights, making every effort to take nothing out of context.

To citizens, Tiffany said:

“This is just the proposed budget so there is still time to voice your opinions and offer possible solutions to the issue. … Where ever your heart is – make it known. Email your council members by using the contact information on the Mountain City, Texas – Local Government website.

I sent an email today and heard back from a council member who made a great point … when controversy occurs and tough decisions have to be made people become “involved” with city business. True. I saw this a ton when I was on council … complaints from all over and no one offering solutions. But it is part of what we do on council and reacting is how we make our voices heard as residents. Otherwise we sit back and let it happen. So I encourage you to become involved when you see positive things happening as well. I have been guilty of this as well over the last couple years since I have not been on council and taking this break. It’s time to get involved again.

… Hopefully the residents can pitch in and help the council put together a solution.”

Tiffany’s post includes the letter she wrote to the city. In the letter she points out that Mountain City now owns the water system, so revenue should be generated at some point. And, the City Hall will be paid off this year. Tiffany calculated the proposed budget cuts by half the services provided to residents.

Readers, please mark your calendar for Loving Mountain City’s next event, Fire & Ice, Oct. 13, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. If the proposed budget is approved, this will be the last event made possible with city funding. (I liken LMC to a volunteer Parks & Recreation Department.)

There will be a run following Fire & Ice supporting Hope and Love for Kids through the Love of Go!

I make a run to my inbox searching for tidbits before my deadline. Please send tidbits to ptom5678@gmail.com or phone 512-268-5678. Thanks! Love, Pauline.

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