Christopher Chase Parker (~1935-2018)

Christopher Chase Parker, master craftsman, cabinet maker, passed away unexpectedly Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at the age of 83.

Christopher was born to Todd and Holly (Fitts) Parker on January 26, 1985 in Seguin Texas. He was raised by Holly and the man he grew to know as Dad, Kyle Burns. Throughout Christopher’s entire life, he demonstrated great compassion for others. His consideration was even shared with snakes, venomous ones included. Christopher was not a herpetologist, but he understood snakes and felt that it wasn’t their fault that we as people moved into their environment. He, being patient and calm, would simply pick them up with his bare hands and relocate them to some place safe. Recently he did this with a coral snake found in his mother’s yard. He called it his unicorn. Christopher’s fascination with learning and observation led him to a love of history and geography. He loved to investigate the rise and fall of empires and was particularly interested in Egypt. Christopher was well read and incredibly intelligent; maybe even too smart for his own good. Christopher loved his little sister and truly enjoyed teasing her. He had a different sense of humor which took much to appreciate. He shared a contest with his little sister which started in early childhood. The contest was to see who would wake the earliest on Christmas day then wake the other. This continued to date and included many shared nights without sleep. Christopher was autodidactic and full of talent.

Christopher worked primary as a cabinet maker. His skills and eye for detail set high standards for others. As a custom cabinet maker, he created beautiful custom pieces for The Austonian, a residential skyscraper in downtown Austin. His eye for detail was so great that he could size up a room and design custom pieces which fit perfectly without measuring and with perfect grain match. He utilized his talents to create one-of-a-kind custom gifts. One which he created for his sister utilized a wooden hinge he designed which also acted as a locking mechanism. The piece was so detailed and intricate that one could not open the box without knowing the secret within.

Christopher is survived by his mother Holly Burns and his dad Kyle Burns, his father Todd Parker, his sister Macy Lee and her husband as of Sunday, September 9th, John. His memory will be shared by his grandparents Gerry Morgan, Milton Fitts, Linda Burns as well as his uncles Jay Fitts, Jody Fitts, whom he shared many personality traits with, Jon Fitts and Linda Burns. He was preceded in death by His grandfathers Ronald Burns and Howard Parker whom passed away on the same day.

Private cremation services were held for Christopher.

Please visit to share a fond memory, photograph, or condolence with Christopher’s family on his On-line memorial site.
Funeral assistance provided by Harrell Funeral Home 1715 Kirby Lane, Kyle, TX 78640 (512) 268-8200

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