Ain’t got a lick of sense

It’s been said that ignorance is bliss, but it seems to me that stupidity is running amok. My mother informed me many years ago that it’s not nice to call someone stupid, so I will bite my tongue and follow her advice as I discuss the lack of intelligence in some people these days.

As humans leave the womb, most of our bodily organs are functional as soon as the umbilical cord is snipped. The brain starts receiving and storing data at birth and continues to do so as we age, typically. But, by golly, I have recently observed numerous people who figured they have enough data stored up in their idle minds and clicked the pause button years ago.

Now, I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least I have an open mind and some common sense. While many folks are ill-informed on certain subjects, some people have simply taken the off ramp from the information highway. Their minds are closed so tightly, brain cells are dying from lack of oxygen. Allow me to expound a bit on my view on this cerebral matter.

There are folks who are quite intelligent but for some reason, refuse to accept new findings. Despite considerable scientific findings and recent meteorological events, many people refuse to believe we are experiencing a significant climate change. The data is knocking, but the brain has locked the door.

There are folks who believe everything they read on Facebook and other social media. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a lot of Facebook posts are nothing but horse manure, or what President Trump likes to call “fake news”. When I see some eye-popping story on Facebook, I tend to do a little research before sharing the post. Many times I find it’s just some wild story full of lies, but there are still people who will believe it is real.

Then there are people who just don’t have the common sense that God gave them. I just don’t understand the folks who won’t evacuate their homes when a dangerous hurricane is approaching. Have they not watched news footage of previous hurricane destruction over the past few years? So many people who stayed at home and had to be rescued said, “I didn’t think it would be this bad.” When the weather service, the police department, the mayor and even the dadgum governor say get the hell out of Dodge, don’t you think this storm might be bad?

I lived several years up in the Texas Panhandle where tornadoes were common. When the siren blew to warn us a tornado was coming, we headed to shelter. Not once did we fix cocktails and sit on the front porch to watch the storm. After seeing firsthand the damage from Hurricane Harvey and the devastation from Katrina and other storms on TV, if I was advised to evacuate, I’d haul butt. Heck, if I ever see Jim Catore eating at my Whataburger, I’d pack up my truck and head for the Rockies. I’m biting my tongue here, but I’ll just say those folks who ride out hurricanes aren’t real bright.

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, I saw a report on CBS Sunday morning about a group of pea-brained people who seriously believe the Earth is flat. They even did experiments with rockets and airplanes to support their theory. These numbskulls also don’t believe man ever set foot on the moon and suspect we’ve never even flown into space. One air-headed gal even commented that the sun is not as big as scientists say, that it is about the same size as the moon and that it’s much closer to Earth. Say what? These morons ain’t got a lick of sense. When God was passing out brains, these goofballs thought He said “rain” and ran for cover. A complete idiot has a higher IQ than these nitwits. I’m sorry, Mom, but these folks are just plumb stupid.

Clint Younts does his research when it comes to facts – and gives his opinions. His mother would have been proud.


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