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Defying Party Lines for a good cause

As an independent voter leaning-toward-Democrats I would like to endorse Will Conley, a Republican, as  the best candidate for County Judge of Hays County. The tribalism that has taken the place of just good judgment sometimes causes voters to ignore that we should be trying to select the best qualified candidates for the elected position rather than “a member of our tribe.”

My husband and I have known Will Conley since he first ran for office more than 14 years ago; our friendship defies party labels. We know that his decisions are based on the good of the county – water resources, growth management, finances and county expenditures, elections and the county’s place in the fastest growing region in the United States – and not on party lines. We need his experience from the very beginning of  the new term, since there is no time for “learning how to be judge” in such a strategic place  and time.

Joan Jernigan, Ph.D.

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