Thank you, all

Just as there are not enough words to express sympathy for someone who has suffered a tragic loss, there are not enough words to express thanks to those who have expressed that sympathy. However I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all who have offered thoughts, prayers, condolences and both monetary and physical contributions in my time of need.

First, thanks to Kyle Gerdes and the  Wimberley EMS and all the fire departments who responded as well as the Hays County Sheriff’s Dept.

Thanks to my neighbor and friend Angel Carreon for his help, as well as the following: Madonna Kimbal and My Neighbor’s Keeper for their generous contribution. Ann and Norm Rolling for providing their facilities at Emily Ann Theatre for Joyce’s memorial service and their friendship. To my good friend Ian Green for conducting the service, Pat Cox, Wayland Clark, Brent Pulley and all who spoke such kind words about Joyce. To all my fellow Rotarians for their contributions, support and friendship. To my friends and fellow members of the Wimberley Business & Professional Association for their contributions and friendship. To my family and Joyce’s family for all they have done. I can’t say enough to them. To Tim McKenzie for a place to live.

One never knows how many dear friends he or she has until such necessity. Again, to all those folks who have contributed funds, condolences, thoughts and prayers. Like those celebrities who receive an Oscar and forget to thank important persons who got them there, I’m sure I have neglected to express my heartfelt thanks to some. For that I apologize.

All I can say at this time is: THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!


Dale Roberson

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