Wimberley students gain insight into real world jobs through program

Innovative opportunities for Wimberley High students to learn and develop career-ready skills before graduation keeps one teacher thinking of new programs and collaborating with community members.

Stephanie Breedyk, M.Ed., is Wimberley High’s Career Technology Education Practicum supervisor. Through the Practicum program, Wimberley High students get the chance to work as an apprentice at participating Wimberley area businesses.

“Stephanie is amazing at pushing students to explore new opportunities and step out of their comfort zone,” Scott Baker, owner of Wimberley Mac, said.

Baker, an Army Veteran, is a partner in the Wimberley High Practicum program, making space, training, meaningful work and certification opportunities available to seniors Antonio Guel and Ahron Arroyo.

“Mr. Baker has inspired me to start my own business someday. I have learned so much here, especially how to properly communicate with customers,” Guel said.

Guel said he becomes more comfortable with the daily interactions that are required for the position.

“I love it,” Guel said. “I really enjoy working on devices and making sure to help customers, so they can head home happy. Part of helping them is making sure I have communicated properly with them to understand their expectations and problems they may be having on their devices.”

Guel’s contributions to Baker’s business earned him high marks.

“Antonio is truly an enigma for his young age. He comes in and finds things to do without any guidance. I am so excited that he is on my team here. He is definitely an asset and I’m confident that his strong work ethic combined with the experience and certifications we provide him will set him on a path to success in whatever he chooses to do in the future,” Baker said.

Through the Practicum program, students will receive AppleCare Mac Certified Technician  (ACMT) and AppleCare iOS Technician and (AMiT) upon completion.

“Scott is the perfect example of how the CTE practicum program works at Wimberley High School. He provides students with their own space to work, positive role modeling and a very clear vision of what a career in the technology field looks like. He goes above and beyond in making this a productive and motivating experience for Antonio and Ahron,” Breedyk said.

Presently, 54 WHS students are learning and working at area businesses. Breedyk’s goal is to grow the program and welcomes local businesses, nonprofits, governments and other community leaders to partner with the district.

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