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To the editor:

Just can’t understand what is wrong with these Republicans. Is there anything between their ears besides earwax? Is their party so important to them that they are putting at risk the livelihoods of 800 thousand plus federal employees and the rest of millions of us just to show us how ignorant this president is?

He continuously brags about his IQ which to me is not much higher than Jed or Jethro Clampetts’ IQ, although they use much better common sense and judgement. Maybe with the money he is not paying the federal workers he will apply it to our national debt. He always blames others and never himself. 

Republicans such as McConnell, Cornyn, Kennedy, Graham, Cruz and others are collaborating with Trump as he continues to aid and abet our enemy, Russia and Putin. By the way, has anyone seen Cruz in Texas lately? How ignorant our Republican voters in Texas are, especially in the hill country and small communities who voted for him fully knowing that we could lose our Medicare and SS benefits. Is Abbott still trying to secure federal funds for our coastal cities who were hit hard by hurricane Harvey? Maybe he should try groveling a little harder at his egoistic feet or kiss his ring more often when he shows up in Texas. I sincerely hope that if Mr. Mueller finds him guilty of betraying our country, that he should be treated as any traitor should-the gallows.

Finally, I hope that this newspaper apologized to Mr. Becerra and his family for embarrassing them by insinuating he had not paid his property taxes. Are any of your reporters aware of the fact that the IRS will immediately chain and lock your doors if they don’t get their money, and not wait 3 or more years? Aahhh, finally got this off my chest; what a relief.


Ezekiel Enriquez, Sr. 

San Marcos

(Editor’s Note: The IRS does not handle property taxes, they deal with federal income taxes.)

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