EMS vote likely to come up again

Happy New Year!

Montage took a vacation as RonTom and I took an impromptu 3-week adventure with Christmas visits to family and a leisurely road trip to and from the Gator Bowl (lots of A&M touchdown kisses) with a 6-day stop in Deep East Texas, dog sitting for my sister.

This started with an emergency with KissMe as we packed, and, ended with an emergency with my mom.

KissMe escaped by ramming his body against the partially closed front door. From the garage we responded to his loud yipping coming from the culvert under the street. When KissMe chased out a cat to the house next door and returned toward me, he zagged back into the culvert where quite a fight ensued. A deluge from the water hose eventually brought out our Great White Hunter with Red Spots, his face and ears speckled with blood red dots and streaks.

Eventually, the steam of water caused the other varmint to exit … another cat.

A four-hour trip to the emergency animal hospital got KissMe’s ear stapled and antibiotics started. His wounds came from teeth, not claws.

My mom’s emergency could have quickly caused death. After a shower, blood started spurting from her ankle. She phoned my sister’s nearby house, asking that RonTom and I come try to stop the bleeding. I asked her to phone 911 and sent Ron, while I stayed with the 3 dogs (and stayed away from blood.)

An emergency responder later shared with my sister that they thought they had lost her at one point before she was transferred to the ambulance, as she went into shock after a tremendous loss of blood. And, my mom’s doctor shared that one of his patients died from loss of blood in the shower when this occurred.

A varicose vein exploded. Over and over I’ve heard, “I never heard of such.” Be aware. It’s an emergency.

We have first responders nearby, at our fire station. At city council meeting, Chief Taylor assured plans are in place to add an ambulance. It will take time.

Currently, the city is paying a prorated $25,000 assessment, for a portion of a year, so we have ambulance service because the vote to add ESD 9 service (through our property taxes) did not pass, when the county ceased funding emergency services a couple of years back.

A petition is circulating in Mountain City now asking for a new vote to add Mountain City to ESD 9. But, due to mandated wait times, it cannot be on the ballot until November 2019.

So, in the meantime, until if/when the vote happens /passes, the amount accessed to Mountain City will be about $40,000 for a full year. The city will cut back budget line items to make sure we have ambulance service.

The ESD assessment is in no way associated with our fire station. It happened because the county ceased funding emergency services.

So, what’s new in Mountain City? Please send tidbits toptom5678@gmail.com or phone 512 268 5678. Thanks! Love to you, PTom

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