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Hard to believe, but next month we should see a few hummingbirds return to our area. A very few, to be sure, but most welcome nonetheless.

In Central Texas, most hummers generally show up around mid-March, flying up from Mexico and points south. However, a few hardy birds will arrive in February. I would like to recognize those fortunate folks who spot a hummer during February. So if you reside in Hays County and see a hummingbird during this short little month, please give me a call. The phone number is (512) 847-3730. If you like, call collect.

Let me know when you saw the bird, where you saw it, and, if possible, what type of hummer it was. More than likely, it will be a ruby-throated or a black-chinned hummer, since these are by far our most common types. However, there are some 18 species found in our state and it is possible you might see a rufous, which is the bird most likely to over-winter in this area. Or perhaps you’ll see Allen’s, Anna’s, broad-billed, broad-tailed, buff-bellied or blue-throated hummers – all are possible.

I usually put up my sugar-water feeders on March 10, and I generally can expect my first arrival by St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. My preferred feeding mixture is one part table sugar to four parts water. I never add food color and I prepare the mixture by shaking it well and then heating it in the microwave for three minutes. After cooling, it’s ready to hang out.

Remember, if you are lucky enough to have a hummingbird visit in February, please let me know.

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