The All Hays Free Press/ News-Dispatch football team

We at Barton Publications are proud to present our selections for the 2018-19 All-Hays Free Press and News-Dispatch football team. Selections were determined based on several factors, including season stats and district and state accolades. While not every athlete was selected, we salute and recognize all who hit the gridiron this season.

MVP – Tanner Prewit, Dripping Springs
Beyond the plethora of statistics compiled over an 11-game campaign this season lies the true nature of Dripping Springs Tiger quarterback Tanner Prewit. Yes, accumulating 2,600-plus total yards and 35 total touchdowns certainly helps make the case for Prewit to earn multiple postseason accolades. It’s Prewit’s leadership, toughness and composure that, above all else, stood out for us to proudly name him as our 2018-19 Most Valuable Player. During his one and only season under center at Dripping Springs, Prewit earned District 12-5A, Division I MVP honors by coaches.

Quarterback – Xavier Martinez, Hays
Running back – Jake Cox, Dripping Springs
Running back – Devin Hines, Hays
Wide receiver – Parker Alford, Dripping Springs
Wide receiver – Bryant Lewis, Lehman
Wide receiver/Tight end – Bayler Jordan, Hays
Offensive line – Brandon Garcia, Hays
Offensive line – Thomas Kazmierski, Hays
Offensive line – Colin Dewitt, Dripping Springs
Offensive line – Jake Williamson, Dripping Springs
Offensive line – Kevin Kelly, Dripping Springs

Defensive line – Hamid Julbe, Hays
Defensive line – Steven Ansumana, Dripping Springs
Defensive line – Kevin Perrydore, Dripping Springs
Defensive line/Linebacker
– Jamison Eddleman, Hays
Linebacker – Nico Ramirez, Dripping Springs
Linebacker– Jakob Joy, Dripping Springs
Linebacker – Michael Mireles, Hays
Defensive back – Cole Cavender, Dripping Springs
Defensive back – Jai Bialasewski, Hays
Defensive back – Lane Dominey, Dripping Springs
Defensive back – Pi-Ellei Henderson, Hays

Quarterback – Cooper McCollum, Wimberley
Running back – Xavier Green, Hays
Running back – Sam Scott, Hays
Wide receiver – Cameron O’Banan, Dripping Springs
Wide receiver – Daniel O’Neal, Lehman
Wide receiver/Tight end – Caleb Cervenka, Wimberley
Offensive line – Connor Harkin, Hays
Offensive line – Cesar Sustaita, Lehman
Offensive line – Noah Hernandez, Hays
Offensive line – Manny Ansumana, Dripping Springs
Offensive line – Gilbert Partida, Lehman

Defensive line – Ty Roaches, Lehman
Defensive line – Aiden Fitzgerald, Hays
Defensive line – Jordan Hammonds, Lehman
Defensive line/Linebacker – Jake Cude, Lehman
Linebacker – Garrett Moore, Hays
Linebacker – Jake Lopez, Hays
Linebacker – Hayden Dahl, Dripping Springs
Defensive back – CJ Scott, Lehman
Defensive back – Phillip Garcia, Lehman
Defensive back – Andres Flores-Perry, Dripping Springs
Defensive back – Dadrien Brazil, Lehman

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