Don’t mess with Texas Longhorn

Who’s ready for some football? I think I’ve gone all year without writing something about football, and since the season is pert near over, I oughta say something, huh? With the Superbowl coming up in a few days, I reckon I should toss in my two cents and give my biased view on a couple of things before I move on to my main subject.

First of all, it’s a crying shame that the two teams playing in this year’s Superbowl would not be there if it hadn’t been for some really bad calls by the referees. Everybody who watched the Saints-Rams game saw the obvious pass interference committed in the waning minutes of the game. Even the Ram defender said it was pass interference. Everyone saw it except the referees who were either performing a colonoscopy on themselves or were dreaming of the money they’d be collecting from their bookies after the game.

The Chiefs also were cheated of a possible trip to the Superbowl by a ref who called a bogus roughing the quarterback penalty. Granted, Tom Brady is an older fella who has suffered humiliation from his deflated balls, but he should not be given special treatment from the referees. He was barely touched by the Chiefs’ pass rusher. Heck, Gisele has slapped Brady harder than that.

OK, no more ranting about crooked refs. Let’s chat a quick second about the controversy over Gladys Knight performing the National Anthem. It appears that Colin Kaepernick and his band of malcontents have their jockstraps twisted because Gladys Knight won’t boycott the Superbowl like some other performers. Rihanna and some gal named Cardi B turned down offers to perform the halftime show as a sign of support towards Kaepernick. Several other celebrities have publicly said they’ll boycott the game, but y’all all know they will be holed up in their mansions watching the Superbowl behind closed drapes.

Enough about the NFL, let’s talk a minute about college mascots and all the fussing PETA did after Bevo tried to give the Georgia bulldog a rectal exam. PETA claims using live animals as a mascot is inhumane, that these animals are being mistreated by being “frequently carted around to sporting events and public appearances, which are confusing and frightening for them.” Have y’all seen these mascots at games? Most of the time, these animals are either eating, drinking or have passed out during the game, much like many fans in the stands.

These mascots sure don’t look frightened. Unless some ignoramus thinks it’s a good idea to take natural enemies to meet each other. Fact: Cows don’t normally like dogs. You don’t see anyone putting the South Carolina Gamecocks’ mascot in front of the University of Florida mascot. Ymmm, tastes like chicken.

You’d probably never see the USC Trojan ride his horse up to the cage of the LSU tiger or there’d be a rodeo instead of a football game.

It’d be a bad idea to lead Smokey, a Tennessee blue-tick hound, anywhere near a pretty female dog like Reveille. Smokey might be neutered, but given the chance, he’ll do the Tennessee waltz with the ladies. And speaking of preventing future sex scandals, it’d be best not to bring any sheep or goats into Kyle Field. There are way too many lonely Aggies over in College Station.

If PETA thinks these college mascots are mistreated, they are surely mistaken. Most mascots live in luxurious abodes and dine on the finest foods. Just take a drive though south Texas and find a longhorn steer as fat as Bevo. Shoot, if Bevo wasn’t traveling to college campuses, he’d be lying on a platter at Logan’s Roadhouse. PETA should stop worrying about these animals and concentrate on the dumb asses officiating NFL games.

Columnist Clint Younts knows about cattle, and bulls, and animals in general, since he works at a vet clinic.

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