Safety a priority for Kyle detours

Concerns about the safety of detours around the Burleson Street construction zone led Kyle officials to contemplate ways to fix the problem.

By adding signage on Rebel Road, city officials hope to alleviate an influx of concern that’s come up as the amount of traffic has increased.

Leon Barba, Kyle City Engineer, sought city council feedback on the detour issue during a road project update Feb. 5. Many citizens have raised concern about the city’s detour plans around Burleson Street, Barba said.

On Feb. 4, Kyle officials closed Burleson Street from Miller Street to Tenorio to continue work on the $6 million project. Barba said construction crews are waiting on a conduit for electric poles, as well as a second of three layers of pavement that are to be laid down. In the meantime, utility crews are working ahead of the construction.

The current detour route, which directs traffic heading southbound on Burleson Street into the Silverado subdivision, should come down by the end of February, but will resurface “two or three more times” as the project continues. Officials estimate construction on Burleson Street should be complete by late 2019 or early 2020.

However, redirecting traffic onto Rebel Road via Silverado has been a hot-button issue for residents.

Barba said city officials came up with three options for a possible fix. Options included doing nothing, erecting portable message signs or adding a temporary all-way stop sign.

Barba suggested council do nothing as a traffic stop or a change in signage could be dangerous due to the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit.

City leaders ultimately decided signage would be put in place and brought back when the detour returns. Signage would alert drivers to the detour on Rebel Road and encourage safety by keeping an eye out for traffic.

“It’s a short-term heartache for a very nice road that’s coming to us,” said council member Daphne Tenorio.

While construction on Burleson Street is ongoing, work on the Marketplace Avenue extension to the southbound Interstate 35 access road is 55 percent complete and is waiting to be paved, weather conditions permitting. That area will be paved again and should be completed by March 1.

Improvements on Lehman Road are underway, but there is an issue with adjusting a power pole alone the route.

The pole needs to be moved and should be complete Feb. 18, allowing for further construction on that road. Once that occurs, Barba said the city expects to issue a new notice to proceed.

Kyle officials anticipate construction on Lehman Road to be finished by 2020.

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