P&Z Oks rezoning on Rebel Drive

Despite density concerns from nearby neighbors, the Kyle Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the rezoning of 47-acres along Rebel Drive just north of Gregg Clark Park.

The land in question, owned by Ky-Tex properties, is located in the 800 block of Rebel Road. Developers sought to rezone the land from retail services (RS) to a Planning Unit District (PUD).

Recommendation of the rezoning, however, was done after a roundabout discussion involving all seven P&Z commissioners and a representative of the Hometown Kyle Homeowners Association (HOA).

During public comment, Kyle resident Dave Douglas cited density issues in the proposed subdivision as a concern with the development. The housing project, if approved by Kyle’s City Council, calls for 169 single-family homes, as well as 68 townhome lots and retail space on 47-acres. Douglas said he plans to present the same information to city council during Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting.

“I… serve on the board of directors for Hometown Kyle’s HOA, and I think I probably represent a lot of them also,” said Douglas, a member of Hometown Kyle’s HOA. “My concern is that it’s a very intensive (project,) far more than Hometown Kyle, or Cypress Forest or Silverado, the next three closest subdivisions.”

Will Atkinson, Kyle City Planner, said plans for the development could still change after the land is approved for rezoning by council. Atkinson recommended commissioners approve the rezoning request and consider allowing for several exemptions with the understanding that plans are not yet final.

Variances approved by the commissioners include allowing a block length to exceed 1,000-feet for homes abutting the western side of a nearby drainage channel. Another exception is to allow a section of lots to be front-loaded, rather than alley-loaded, along a drainage channel. This exception comes as many of the lots are less than 50 feet wide.

An additional exception approved by the commission would relieve the developers from planting and maintaining two trees in each yard. It is a stipulation that is in the city style guide and is typically upheld by P&Z.

According to Kyle’s style guide, additional trees can be placed elsewhere and cared for by the HOA.

“The new development should accommodate low to mid-density uses with higher-densities closer in proximity to higher classification streets which is primarily Rebel Drive,” Atkinson said. “We want to make sure it makes sense.”

Before approving these exceptions, commissioners seemed unanimously against the rezoning proposal. Commissioners were concerned about the finality of the proposal and the density.

“The plans meet the qualifications for the lot size, but per acre you’re putting more in a small area,” said commissioner Timothy Kay. “You’re really making this thing packed in.”

After more than an hour of discussion with staff and the developers, the commission approved each exception one-by-one and approved to recommend the rezoning proposal to city council, who will have final approval.

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