Borders and morals

All this hubbub about a wall amazes me. Maybe it’s true most illegals are here because they overstayed their visas. Maybe it’s true the wall is a partial solution only. Hey, it stopped the caravans.  It’s certainly is true the porous border makes it easy for sex traffickers and drug cartels. But has anyone ever considered our border problem lies with America’s declining values and moral turpitude?

It’s high time America turned from border problems blamed on others and looked to its own soul.

For one, the Amendment that fosters  anchor babies needs to be re-interpreted by the highest Court in the land. The way it’s being used now is a total sham. We all know this.  Even those who benefit from this nutty philosophy know this. We are suckers for the world.

The Supreme Court, in Plyer vs Doe (1982), ruled that illegals were entitled to free public education, saying that states could not deny them an education based on their immigration status. This is one of the worst decisions the SCOTUS has ever released.

The benefits in America are far too reaching to be ignored. I wonder how many national, state and local government entities, whose wits have gone astray, fall over themselves to distribute taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants. But let’s get down to the heart of the problem.

Huge problems of drug gang violence, sex trafficking (same people), illegal employment, and lack of concern for the protection its own citizens has instituted a market for such activities.

These markets  were created, but not limited by, three  things:

(1) America’s declining morals created the markets for drugs, sex trafficking, and illegal employment.  Without recreational drug use, would drugs be flowing across the border? Without yearnings for pornography and pedophilia-related activities, would sex traffickers exist? If jobs were not available by law-breaking employers would we have the influx of low-skilled “citizens of the world”?                                                                                 

(2) The inability and lack of vertebra of elected representatives to pass legislation that re-interprets gray areas and protects the physical and financial interests of their constituents.  A Beltway torchlight and pitchfork parade is long overdue,                                                                                                                             

(3) A disrespect for the law and our police.

Eliminate the ease by which employers employ illegals. This could be done easily by severe fines to employers who break the laws. But the rest, the moral downward spiral of drug use and perversions, will have to be corrected by citizens who are convicted in their souls that they have done wrong and turn the other way.

A wall can’t do that, only a change of heart. That doesn’t mean we don’t need for now a wall, or more immigration judges, or drones, or border guards.

That’s what I think but I could be wrong, you know.

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