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RE: Kinder Morgan pipeline

Please consider the following before writing more about the Kinder Morgan 42” pipeline to be built between West Texas and the Houston, Texas area, designed to transport approximately two billion cubic feet of natural gas daily.

Currently these two billion cubic feet of gas are being flared (burned) to the atmosphere daily. This quantity of natural gas could, instead, be transported to a market and generate 7.5% of its market value as a severance tax paid to the State of Texas. Doing the math, at the current value of $2.85 per one thousand cubic feet, these two billion cubic fee would generate $427,500 per day for the State. And carried forward, that translates to $154,755,000 per year.

If you are concerned about Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, taking gas to market where it can be converted to tangible goods, would further reduce the impact.

If the problem of eminent domain is a great concern, then how were highways (Interstate systems) built? How are electric power transmission lines going to be constructed?

Three existing intrastate gas/liquid hydrocarbon pipelines exist across Hays County. These transport systems greatly reduce, if not almost eliminate, the dangers of surface transport.

The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline may be a “tough sell” but it is the only reasonable, safe means to get this valuable natural resource to market.

Time is of the essence to prevent further waste and begin serving the greater public interest.

Thank you.
Dwight Cassell
Dripping Springs area




Our rainy day is now
First he bankrupt most of his businesses but he cleverly took advantage of vulnerable taxpayers who bailed him out time and again while boasting that he was a self made millionaire. Financial and family records dispute this claim. His father stuck a silver spoon in his mouth and he has yet to spit it out. Instead, he continues to take advantage of ignorant people to make more millions while at the same time colluding with the Russians to dismiss all the sanctions President Obama placed on them by taking millions of dollars in favors for his Trump properties and interfering with our elections so he could win the presidency. Not only the Russians but also the Arabs.

Now, he wants to bankrupt our country by falsely claiming a national emergency to build his “Trump Wall” which he promised his racist base. Millions of people are now going to suffer because he is robbing our Treasury from money intended for federal programs that help the poor and physically impaired and also the children. Our national debt is at an all time high but his “fiscally responsible” crony Republicans continue to aid and abet him because our “dictator” says so. Every time he appears at a news conference to plead for his wall, some reporter should yell, “and who’s going to pay for the wall?” but most reporters don’t have the spine or testicular fortitude.

And speaking of robbing the people, our very own governor and his crony Republicans (Cruz, Cornyn, et.al.), have yet to fulfill their promises to our gulf coast towns who were devastated by Harvey, and also to our educational system. Last I heard, they were behind in millions of dollars to pay our teachers a fair wage and foSet featured imager our children’s educational needs. Our streets, roads , and highways are in desperate need of repairs as is our infrastructure. By the way, does anyone know what happened to all the millions of dollars that were donated to help the Harvey victims? I guess they are probably still in our mayor’s and governor’s coffers. Why save for a rainy day when the funds are needed right now. We’re having too many rainy days as it is right now.

Ezekiel Enriquez, Sr.,
San Marcos, TX

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