County officials seek solution to incidents at double crossings

A handful of vehicle incidents along FM 150 at the Onion Creek double crossings, including several involving 18-wheelers, is pushing Hays County officials to try and rectify the issue.

Last week, Kyle Fire Department officials responded to an overturned semi-trailer that required several hours to clear. It’s one of several  wrecks in the area involving vehicles of all types.

Scott Collard, North Hays County Fire Rescue Chief, said wrecks and incidents at the double crossings is a “very common occurrence.” North Hays responds to most incidents at the double crossings as the area is in its jurisdiction.

On Tuesday, North Hays fire crews responded to at least three wrecks at the double crossings before 7 a.m. Narrow lanes and winding curves of the roadway play a part in the incidents, Collard said.

Wet conditions also are a factor in some of the wrecks. While there are signs instructing drivers to slow down as the approach the low water crossings, Collard said many commuters don’t often heed the warnings.

“At lot of these might be prevented if people would just slow down,” Collard said. He added commuters should adjust their speed to match the road conditions.

Finding a solution to 18-wheeler incidents at the double crossings could require outreach on the part of officials. Currently, no weight limit exists for vehicles traveling on that section of FM 150, which is a state highway and is overseen by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Hays County’s Emergency Management team has in recent weeks has tried to set up a meeting to discourage large vehicles from traveling on that section of the roadway, if at all possible.

However, Collard said he wasn’t sure if there was a solution to fix the root of the problem of 18-wheelers not able to negotiate the curves. Additional signage or a complete overhaul of the roadway would be up to TxDOT and the county.

Fixing the issue could involve truck operators researching which routes to take in the area, Collard said.

“We have to let them know it’s not a safe route for them to take,” Collard said.

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