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Hays CISD HR staff member resigns

A high-ranking member of Hays CISD’s executive leadership team has resigned after an employee within the district filed a complaint against him in February.

Jim Baker, who had served as Hays CISD’s chief human resource (HR) officer, resigned Tuesday, according to a district statement. Baker had been hired by the district in March 2018 to helm the Chief HR Officer position.

On Feb. 18, Hays CISD officials received a complaint from an employee regarding Baker and the “culture, climate and management of the Human Resources Department,” according to the statement.

“Superintendent Dr. Eric Wright placed Baker on administrative leave the same day the complaint was received to preserve the integrity of an inquiry into the matter, maintain a professional work environment, and to demonstrate that executive staff members are held to the highest of standards,” according to the statement.

After a discussion with Wright on March 5, Baker resigned, ending his employment with the district. Details of the complaint were not released at this time.

Baker’s resignation came after an item on the Feb. 25 agenda under closed session called for “deliberation regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties or dismissal of a public officer or employee, including members of the Superintendent’s cabinet, or to hear a complaint or charge against an officer or employee…”

Former Hays CISD trustee Holly Raymond posed concerns as to why the item was in closed session.

“I know what a posting like this meant two years ago when I was on the board, and on that side of the dais. I also can look around and see there are cabinet members not present tonight,” Raymond said Feb. 25. “My hope is that things have not gotten that bad again as they had been in the past, and I request the district put out a summary statement explaining what this agenda item refers to immediately.”

Raymond said she would continue to have concerns about the matter until it was properly addressed, and cited that she wanted it to come from the district and not the media.

“This is another reminder to me that it is time to take back Hays,” Raymond said.

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