Kyle Police unveils new look for police cruisers

The Kyle Police Department is saying goodbye to the traditional look of its patrol vehicles as it unveiled an all-black design March 26.

Residents will start seeing the new-look police vehicles patrolling the city in April; the Kyle City Council approved the department’s design by a 6-0 vote.

The new look may come as a surprise, but it will keep in-line with traditional police vehicles.

Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett and his department considered several designs before going with the all-black look. Barnett said the department considers a new look about every 10 years as vehicles age, technology adapts and budgets vary.

“We’re very proud of the design and our ability to get input from the department,” Barnett said. “It’s more cost effective and the look is updated to fit the current department.”

The new design will save approximately $3,500; seven of the 18 patrol vehicles will get the makeover at this time.

The change is $500 to $600 less than what the department had been spending on its black-and-white scheme.

Once all vehicles are determined to be in good condition to refurbish or in a condition to be replaced, the rest will follow suit.

The design features larger and reflective lettering, a thin blue line wrapping around the entire vehicle and an American flag. The car’s usual slogan “Service with Integrity” will be left off, but only as a cost saving measure, Barnett says.

“The vehicles will still be very clearly marked,” Barnett said. “Everyone in the department is very proud of the design and had a hand in making the decision to choose this one.”

Despite missing the signature white and black coloring, the all-black vehicles are still meant to be highly recognizable to the community.

“We want people to know we’re out there and we can help them,” Barnett said. “But we also want to remain recognizable as a crime deterrent. Our unmarked vehicles are out there, but these are clearly marked.”

The vehicles are made by Chevrolet and will be retrofitted by Defender Supply in Denton.

Funding had already been set aside in the budget for vehicle renovations, Barnett said. City leaders and Kyle Police officials have yet to meet and discuss when funding will be available to make all cruisers uniform.

Barnett said other vehicles, including first responder vehicles and unmarked cars, are not part of the rebrand.

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