Our Mountain City neighbor will be missed

“Dear God, Lead me. I cannot do this on my own. #Team Jesus”

These words of faith from Victory Today were forwarded on Friday morning by Lee Taylor on his FaceBook. Below came a string of responses that gave to me the news that Lee’s son, Mayor Phillip Taylor, died on Thursday night after his orange Jeep rolled over.

Now (Monday morning), 116 of Lee’s friends have commented with words of encouragement and support for Lee and Glennis, just on that one post.

How did you learn? Word spread. Mountain City’s and Loving Mountain City’s Facebook pages carried the tragic news. It’s posted on NextDoor. Neighbors shared with neighbors.

Mayor Pro Tem Ralph McClendon sent word through the City’s email distribution system, and Ralph continues with updates.

Our city mourns.

The process for lowering the City’s flags to half-mast required submitting a request to our state representative to request permission from the Governor. Governor Abbott signed permission at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

The city’s monument sign in front of City Hall serves as a memorial to Phillip, adorned with flowers and a chalkboard’ed “In Loving Memory … Mayor Phillip Taylor You made a difference”.

Phillip and his family moved to their house on Juniper when he was 6 years old, in August 1984. As an adult, he purchased a house on Maple. He served our city as an alderman, mayor pro-tem, and mayor.

Phillip unabashedly took time away from civic service and his full-time employment to have time with his pride and joy, his son Aiden.

On Friday morning Mountain Citians will join a throng who knew him through his school years, his years in law enforcement, his new job with HCISD, his participation in local fundraisers, and elsewhere in our community. 10 a.m. at thePAC.

Thursday evening Lee and Glennis will accept visitors at Harrell’s from 5:30-8 p.m. Oh, the heavy hearts.

Our city is bursting with spring. Quite a few houses show a spread of bluebonnets in front or back. In the evening, pink evening primrose show their faces. Our wisteria (it memorializes the wife of Don Tokar, the first owner) covers much of our Wildlife Tree (the skeleton of an oak that succumbed to oak wilt.) Hummingbirds and spring winds emptied my feeders this past week.

A bright red male Summer Tanager appeared outside my breakfast window on March 29.

​Cyndy Slovak-Barton who lives in Mountain City ETJ sent a reminder, “​​Beware of coral snakes.” She included a photo of the largest one she has seen in years. “It was probably 2 to 2 1/2 feet long.” Wear garden gloves when pulling weeds.

Yes, and beware of rattlesnakes. Wearing headphones while gardening will block their distinct warning.

Does anyone local make house calls to rescue snakes? Rick Thomas moved to Round Rock. (Please scratch through his name in the Helpful Numbers in the Loving Mountain City directory.)

I’ll see many of you Friday morning.

I hope to see tidbits from some of you in my inbox. ptom5678@gmail.com (subject: tidbit) Thanks! Love to you, PTom

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