You are dead wrong

Open season on shooting cats? Ray Wolbrecht, you wrote, “I Could Be Wrong.”

You are dead wrong.

Mr. Wolbrecht, your parents allowed you to slaughter cats as a child and inflict torture, butcher, maim them with your BB gun … that is quite a public confession. It should be investigated what cruelty lies within you.

I am outraged that the Hays Free Press newspaper (March 27, 2019) printed the barbaric, illegal and cruel recommendation to massacre cats by Ray Wolbrecht.

As an expert with over 20 years experience in animal welfare, I have witnessed the successes; Trap Neuter Return DOES work.

Taxpayers want humane, proven programs that will bring positive impacts. Years of murdering cats, whether by private self-appointed assassins like Mr. Wolbrecht, or through the Animal “Sheltering” system as a means of “Animal Control” has NOT succeeded – and many people’s beloved pets have been included in the bloody carnage.

Not as Mr. Wolbrecht wrote, “a stupid thing to allow.” He is uninformed and unqualified.

Experts with vast numbers of studies (Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s’ Fund, Alley Cat Allies, Best Friends Animal Society, American Society of Protection of Animals) all agree and support TNR.

Mr. Wolbrecht stated, “These anthropomorphic feelings must be overcome. Do the right thing. Have them euthanized. If you can handle it, a twitch of an index finger is cheaper and quicker. Any cat in the wild without a collar is a candidate.”

People do love cats. 36 million households have cats in the U.S. (According to the AVMA.)

In a world full of human hatred, wars and cruelty, it is no wonder that many of us prefer the companionship of cats.

Trap Neuter Return Monitor – Feed them and fix them. Let them live.

Sharri Levine Boyett, Hays County resident of 25 years, rescuer, advocate, pet foster parent

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