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Why in the world would the Hays Free Press publish a piece which promotes cruelty to animals (I Could Be Wrong, March 27)?  Columnist are free to believe anything they wish (even if it is horribly malevolent and ignorant).  That doesn’t mean it should be published.  Your paper is promoting cruel, unethical and ILLEGAL behavior.  This is a slap in the face to the scores of volunteers and professionals in Hays County who work countless hours to prevent animal cruelty, rescue and heal animals who have been abused and to those working to prevent violence toward humans.  Even if one has no empathy for animals, they should be reminded that the capacity and desire to hurt and kill animals is a precursor to violent behavior directed at humans and represents a blatant disregard for the value of All Life.   

The Free Press owes the community a clarification on where it stands on the issue of animal cruelty AND an explanation of why it would publish a promotion of animal cruelty.  I sincerely hope you will print a response.

There is a beautiful life philosophy summed up in the title of a book.  It’s called “Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered”.  Please take just a moment to ponder those words.  If we could all make even a small effort to behave in that way, we would find ourselves in a much kinder world.

A. Melchizedek


(Publisher’s Note: We do not agree with columnist Ray Wolbrecht on so many things – and we certainly do not agree with him here. However, because this country has freedom of the press, we allow him, as a sometimes columnist, to express his opinions. In the same vein, we allow letter writers to express their opinions – about us, about columnist, about issues.)

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