Barton Middle School principal appreciated for commitment to students

After coaching sports for years, Barton Middle School principal Teri Eubank chose to foster a positive learning environment for the children in her community.

Eubank is principal to more than 700 middle schoolers who look up to her as a leader and as someone they can trust. Parents and teachers know Eubank as a forgiving and understanding leader who looks at conflict as an opportunity for growth.

“As soon as I got here I sat the staff and teachers down and told them I wanted to teach the kids, but I also want to help them grow,” Eubank said. “If they do something wrong I want to see why and help them through it, we don’t just punish them and send them back and I think it’s better for them and parents see that, too.”

Eubank began her teaching career with the goal to coach sports, specifically basketball. Leading a whole campus had never crossed her mind, but after years of coaching and teaching it was clear that Eubank came to coach, but stayed for the kids.

“Principal Eubank has also created a culture of kindness and academic success. This is apparent by the school’s high attendance rating, not only from the students, but from her staff,” said Libby Gimpel. “To me, it speaks volumes when teachers, staff, and students WANT to be on campus. I cannot say enough good things about Principal Eubank; she has made our middle school experience such a seamless and positive one. 

Eubank is known for prioritizing safety for her school which includes getting to know all the children and families. It is not uncommon to see Eubank at a sports game, in a classroom or at a pep rally where she is hanging out and getting to know her students each week.

“I always have the most fun at games and pep rallies like the kids,” Eubank said. “I don’t know that it’s anything special, I just know that every day they’re relying on me and I want to be there for them and I think parents and their students appreciate that.”

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