Take Hays Back

We have an opportunity to “Take Hays Back” during this election cycle for Hays CISD school board.  Even if you do not have kids that attend school, the success of the school district and the governance provided by the school board affect you.  If you own property, own a business, pay property taxes to Hays CISD or rely on the workforce of tomorrow, you are affected by the actions of the school board and the overall success of the district.  The current school board members running for re-election have stepped out of their lane and involved in the operations and day-to-day activities of the district.  This creates dysfunction.  School board members have many opportunities for training to govern for the betterment of student achievement.  Unfortunately, best practices are not being followed at Hays CISD by some school board members. 

Because of this dysfunction, we have had 65 administrators leave the district for other school districts – including 13 principals since the current President was elected in June 2015.  This huge turnover impacts our students – our children.  We are also seeing an alarming number of students transferring to neighboring districts. 

That is why 10 former school board members and 2 former superintendents, whom worked directly with the incumbents, are supporting and endorsing Mark Summers and Frank Juárez, Jr.  And, the list continues to grow.

Let’s take a stand and make a change for Hays CISD and vote for Mark Summers and Frank Juárez, Jr. on May 4, 2019.  #TakeBackHays

Laurie Cromwell,
former Hays CISD trustee

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