Dripping Springs in recovery mode after overnight flooding

Dripping Springs is in recovery mode a night after a flash flood that saw up to four feet of water rush through downtown in some locations. 

A majority of the damage was in specific locations, including Springs Apartments, Pioneer Bank and Homespun Kitchen and Bar. Sources are telling the News-Dispatch that some residents escaped the roaring water by swimming to safety. 

According to Hays County officials, a person went missing in the Dripping Springs area during the overnight flooding.

A press conference on the matter will be held at 2:00 p.m. 

Homespun, which is located on East Mercer Street in downtown Dripping Springs, saw over four feet of water rush through the restaurant, prompting an evacuating effort by the locals in attendance. 

Terry Garret and Courtney Jannasch were working at homespun when the water came rushing through. 

“You hear about flash floods in movies and on tv, but never did I think I would live through something like that,” Jannasch said. “The water came in within seven minutes up to our waist. We had to swim to get out of the building. There was a baby in the building…it was just scary.” 

Garret said everyone in the building was evacuated in time, but the owner of the restaurant held onto her as they tread against the water.

“If it wasn’t for him, I probably would have been swept away,” she said. 

The morning after saw members of the community band together at Homespun for the cleanup effort. It is not known what the damages to the building are at the moment, but the team is thankful no one was hurt. 

“We have a job to do and the goal is to get us open again soon,” Jannasch said.

At Springs Apartments, the aftermath was calm. One resident said around one inch of rain made it inside the lower floor, but any reminisce of rain was lost in the morning sun. 

Springs Apartments resident Betty Masters said the water was flowing through the parking lot, moving cars up to three feet in some areas. 

“If you got here this morning, you couldn’t tell it rained at all last night,” Masters said. “It was scary and the water was rushing so fast, but now it’s a beautiful day out.”

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