Minnick, Byrne and Bowman sweep Wimberley City Council

Update 9:05 p.m.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Rebecca Minnick, Christine Byrne and Bo Bowman have swept the City of Wimberley’s city council election.

The trio ran similar campaigns highlight what they believe was a disconnect in local government, among other local issues.

Together, the three candidates won their respective races by at least a 20 percent margin, the largest winning by 30 percent.

Unofficial Tabulation:

Rebecca Minnick 654 63.13%
Tim Dodson
Tim Dodson 382 36.87%


S.B. Jaggers 345 33.37%
Christine Byrne
Christine Byrne 689 66.63%


Erik Wollam 397 38.25%
Bo Bowman
William H. “Bo” Bowman III 641 61.75%



Early voting totals have a trio of candidates who ran on a similar platform lead the City of Wimberley’s city council election.

Rebecca Minnick, Christine Byrne and Bo Bowman lead by over 20 percent of the vote in their respective races, outperforming the mayor, a current councilmemeber and Planning & Zoning Commissioner.

Place 1 

Minnick leads against her Planning & Zoning Commission colleague Tim Dodson by 24.62 percent or 209 votes.

Dodson has received 320 votes while Minnick has accumulated 529.

Place 3

Wimberley Mayor Susan Jaggers trails by over 30 percent, the largest margin in all three races. Her opponent Christine Byrne has received 558 votes compared to Jaggers’ 288.

Byrne has received 65.96 percent of the vote while Jaggers accumulated 34.04 percent.

Place 5

In the race for Place 5, Bowman leads incumbent Wimberley councilmember Erik Wollam, who was appointed to the council in February, by nearly 22 percent.

Wollam received 332 votes compared to Bowman’s 519. Wollam received 39.01 percent of the vote while Bowman has accumulated 60.99 percent.

By the numbers:

Place 1:

Rebecca Minnick 529 62.31%
Tim Dodson
320 37.69%


Place 3:

S.B. Jaggers 288 34.04%
Christine Byrne
Christine Byrne 558 65.96%


Place 5:

Erik Wollam 332 39.01%
Bo Bowman
William H. “Bo” Bowman III 519 60.99&

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