Authorities close several roads due to flooding

Heavy rainfall Wednesday morning has pushed authorities to close several roads across Hays County.

The closures come as areas of Dripping Springs and Driftwood are recovering from torrential rains last weekend.

Below are a list of the current road closures in the area. We will update as more information comes in.

Dripping Springs and Driftwood

• Fitzhugh Road (CR 101) – 1.2 miles east of Trautwein Road @ County

• RM 1826 at RM 967

• Lost Valley Road .5 miles north of Easy Street

• Fitzhugh Road (CR 101) at Fitzhugh Creek

• Trautwein Road (CR 185) at Barton Creek

• Bell Springs Road (south) .5 miles north of Harmon Hills

• Bell Springs Road (CR 169) just north of U.S. 290

• Creek Road (CR 190) just west of Mt. Gainor Road

• Gatlin Creek Road (south of Mt. Gainor) at south Onion Creek

• Mt. Gainor Road (CR 220) at south Onion Creek .25 miles west of CR 191

• FM 150 double crossings at Onion Creek – closed indefinitely

Open with water on the road 

• Elder Hill Road (CR 170) at south Gatlin Creek

• Creek Road (CR 190) and Mt. Gainor Road (CR 220) at Onion Creek


• Cole Springs Road (CR 148) 1.5 miles east of FM 2770

• FM 1626 at Cole Springs Road

• Cole Springs Road at FM 967

• Garison Road at Onion Creek

Open with water on the road 

• Bluff Street at Peach Street

• FM 967 at Garlic Creek east


• Northbound I-35 access road near Saddlecreek Apartments

• Lehman Road at Hallie Drive

• Bunton Lane 1.25 miles south of Goforth Road

• Cotton Gin Road .66 miles north of Dairy Road

• Satterwhite Road (CR 107) between both south Turnersville Roads

• Satterwhite Road .66 miles west of Williamson Road

• Satterwhite Road (CR 107) .5 miles east of south Turnersville Road

• Cotton Gin Road and Dairy Road

• Dairy Road (CR 151) .25 miles west of Cotton Gin Road

• Grist Mill Road (CR 153) .75 miles west of south Plum Creek Road (CR 156)

• Kelly Smith Lane (CR 149) .75 miles west of Dacy Lane (CR 2015)

• Andrews Crossing between Dacy Lane (CR 2015) and Windy Hill Road (CR 131)

• Windy Hill Road (CR 131) between Dacy Lane and Andrews Crossing

• Rohde Road (CR 126) .25 miles west of Graef Road

• Goforth Road (CR 157) just north of Rohde Road (CR 126)

• 900 block of Lehman Road at the north low-water crossing

• Sledge Street at Third St. and at J Maryes Ln.

• North Burleson Street west of Interstate 35

• 200 block of Lehman Road

• 3800 block of Dacy Lane

• Windy Hill Road at Indian Paintbrush Drive

• East access south of Brent Blvd

• 200 block of Roland Lane

• 1200 block of Roland Lane

• CR 158 west of Drue Drive

• Bunton Creek Road at Twin Estates


• Climbing Way between Blanco Drive and Brinkley Drive

• GW Haschke Lane .8 miles south of Fischer Store Road

• Woodcreek Drive at Cypress Point

• River Road between Leveritts Loop and Rockwood Drive

• Wayside Drive at River Road

• CR 1492 at Blanco River and River Road

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