Dear Buda staff / Should have voted

Dear Buda staff
Hon. Mayor Heahn May 2, 2019, Buda City Council Members, Buda City Manager and City Attorney:

The treatment of Ann Miller and the Buda EDC Board of Directors at the Special Called Council Meeting of April 30th was an unconscionable act of retaliation and shameful vengeance. Such behavior simply has no place in civic leadership. As a citizen and longtime leader in our shared region, I denounce this disrespectful behavior as highly unprofessional and unbecoming of your role.

In my opinion, the decision to read what will certainly become known as the “Endless Council Resolution of April 30th” was entirely devoid of professional integrity and represents an all-time low in the history of Buda City Politics. The airing of disagreements between City departments and the verbal harassment on public display Tuesday night do not belong in a council meeting. Responsible civic leadership demands a far higher level of ethical behavior. It is what the citizens of Buda deserve and expect of their elected officials.

Events leading up to the April 30th Council Meeting deserve further investigation and public reporting.

And those whose reputations were tarnished by the Council’s unbecoming actions deserve a public apology. Absent anything but a humble public apology, you may find that you’ve brought greater harm to your personal and professional reputations and Buda’s good reputation than you were seeking to deliver to others.

Susan Harris, Buda



Should have voted
I see 1,300 voted in the at large election. We have over 20,000 students. We had a better turnout in the 1980s when we had 2,500 students! If you are not happy with the way our schools are run, look in the mirror! We will travel the globe to support freedom, yet we can’t cross the street to vote. Sad.

I appreciate the candidates caring enough to run. I hope and pray the personal attacks cease. We should be able to remain friends while not agreeing in our politics. I know, it is easier said than done.

Opponents had some good points. The “Take Back Hays” moniker was a turnoff but that doesn’t mean incumbents don’t need to listen. There seems to be a lot of turnover and the school board members should not encourage direct complaints from staff, solicited or not. Follow the administrative process. Refer the complainants to the administration. Ask the administration to keep you posted and tell the complainant to reach you too after this process if not satisfied. Sure, hold them accountable. But, give the administration the support they deserve. Mistakes will happen but administrators should not live in fear when they mess up. Learn from it and move on. 

Otherwise you’re undermining the paid staff. School board members set policy. They are not trained administrators. Let the administration do its job. Get out of the way. 

Yours in Education,
Bryce Bales

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