Reported threat led to law enforcement presence at Simon MS

Reports of a possible social media threat against Simon Middle School led officials Friday morning to increase the number of law enforcement officers on campus as students and staff arrived for class.

Tim Savoy, Hays CISD chief communications officer, said the incident was first reported to authorities around 12:48 a.m. Friday.

A parent called law enforcement when their child told them about a possible threat against Simon Middle School that was circulating on Snapchat, a social media site. Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said the threat extended to a comment of a firearm possibly being brought to campus.

Charli Lennon, Simon Middle School principal, said authorities investigated the report and were able to identify the student who posted the message.

The student, who was not identified, was at home Friday morning and was “detained” by law enforcement, which ended any threat to the campus, Lennon said. Hays County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Todd Riffe said the student was taken to the Hays County Juvenile Detention Center.

Savoy said the school was not on lockdown or lockout at any point Friday. Lennon apologized to parents in the letter as it was not something they were “expecting to see when you came to school today.” However, Lennon said during any potential threat to campus, officials’ first action is “always to take safety precautions.”

Lennon also thanked those who reported the social media post and the law enforcement community.

“I know that seeing a police presence on campus can be alarming. But, it is also very reassuring,” Lennon said. “It is a reminder that no matter how remote or vague a threat may be, we have an entire community who takes these matters seriously, and who stand ready to take immediate action to keep us safe.”

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