Water Woes

Neighborhood blames new development for flood problem

Frustrations are growing among a handful of Kyle residents who allege the construction of a new housing development led to recent flooding problems.

But city officials point to a change in rain patterns as the culprit.

Flooding problems were brought up May 9 by residents on Saucedo Street roughly a day or so after storms dumped torrential rainfall in the area. 

Lucio Avilez, who has lived at his Saucedo Street home for 27-years, said his yard flooded for the first time May 9. While his home didn’t suffer damage, water pooled in his yard, which damaged three lawn mowers. Water also seeped into his home.

“We’re lucky we stay at my place,” said Kristina Villegas, Avilez’s girlfriend. “And lucky his floors are concrete because water got inside.”

Roughly half of the residents on Saucedo Street said their yards and porches were flooded following the storm. Neighbors on Saucedo Street said they haven’t experienced flooding occurring on their street or their yards.

Villegas said she called the city the day after the flooding for assistance. Villegas said the problem extended to the higher elevation of the neighboring subdivision compared to homes on Saucedo Street.

City officials went to Saucedo Street May 9 after residents clamored for a meeting. While residents didn’t directly meet with city staff, officials said they conducted an investigation into the matter.

Assistant Director of Public Works Brian Lillibridge said he and staff made contact with the neighboring development, KB Homes, and later called the residents of the area. Calls by Lillibridge to Villegas were not returned.

“We believe the flooding was a result of a change in rain patterns over time,” Lillibridge said. “KB Homes has tried to be a good neighbor and has built fencing and a barrier for the water that falls on their side.”

Villegas, however, said she believes the fencing and the barrier is not enough to keep water from flowing downhill. Villegas also said she has not received a call from the city with an update on their investigation into the matter. Villegas said she does not know of any call or communication from the city to any of her neighbors.

The situation is similar to an incident in October 2018 when residents of the Amberwood Subdivision called Kyle city officials to report broken fences, excessive noise and yards full of wind-blown dust they felt was caused by contractors working for KB Homes who were building Phase 2 of the Sunset Hills Subdivision.

At the time, the city mediated for mended fences and solutions to the blowing dirt. In that instance, KB Homes also build their land upward approximately four feet higher that the surrounding neighborhoods. In that instance, the properties were not lowered, and KB Homes developed a trench to collect and move rainwater.

Villegas and her neighbors worry about the next flash flood taking over their yards and drenching their floors.

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